Privacy Policy of TEXGROUP S.A.
Texgroup S.A.  provides adequate attention to the protection and privacy of personal data of our staff, customers and users. Therefore, we do all possible  to ensure absolute confidentiality of it  and use high safety standards to achieve it.
By accessing this web site (site), the clients and users agree that their use is liable to the terms and conditions described in this policy and the law applicable in the country.
For a better explanation of the reach, we have divided Terms and Conditions in three groups, these are:
  1. Privacy Policy (use of the information by the users)
  2. Intellectual property and copyright (prohibition to use the content, design and other elements of this site)
  3. Exclusion of responsibility for damage to the equipment or programs caused by any kind of virus or any other circumstance directly or indirectly related to access to the web site of Texgroup. 

1.1 Texgroup can use the personal information that users voluntarily and  consciously provide, exclusively for the creation of databases about the visitors of this  site, for knowledge and attention of  customers, and general marketing activities.
More details of the use of information before mentioned is presented in the following points:
1.2 The company can use the individual information that visitors of the side will provide for advertising, commercial, marketing and, advertising activities. Also for statistical analysis, to answer frequently questions or claims, to send information or advertising about our products, management, and internal administration of our list of customers, market research or commercial research or statistics, make billing processes.
Also data will be used to manage, support and get gather further  information about the quality of our products and prevent default for our security, law and contract terms. Considering the purposes described and that on occasions treatment of the information corresponds to the fulfillment of legal obligations, the users or clients consents indeterminately, unless the member of the database exercise his right of cancellation by simply writing.
1.3 The clients and users who wish to stop receiving information and e-mails, will have the option to remove their name from the company’s database.
1.4 Texgroup try with the best legal means  within his grasp that mediator who provide services related to web side, like design, administration and update of the web, have access to information provide by users and treat it with the same discretion and confidentiality with Texgroup works, but are not responsible for any misuse or unauthorized that mediator do with the information.
1.5 Texgroup will update the additional information of the users, that they have given and wish to rectify.
1.6 The company can share general information about the visitors, as for example the gender ratio, their age ranges, and internet access systems with advertisers, affiliates, sponsors and any other mediator, with the purpose to improve the content and to improve the content and advertisement on our site.

2.1 Texgroup keeps this side to share information about our product and as a way of interaction with customers. The brand, trade name, profiles, graphics, and other property which appears on this website, just like content, are legally protected in favor of this company in accordance with the laws on industrial property and copyright.
Consequently, not be able to use, modified, copied, reproduced, transmitted or distributed in any way unless prior express written permission of the company. 

2.2 The protected contents in accordance with the paragraph above, include text, images, illustrations, designs, software, music, sound, photographs and videos, and any other means or methods of distributing content, information or knowledge. 

2.3 The ideas, opinions, suggestions and comments to be sent spontaneously without prior request by users or customers, about products or marketing plans, or any other type, they will be freely used by the company if  considered proper, for the development of new products or marketing plans. Such communications are not confidential and are not subject to protection ed by any regulation of copyright or intellectual property, and consequently, the sending user of such information can not claim any compensation or assistance under the legitimate commercial use Texgroup. If the information was protected by  some type of regulation about copyrights or intellectual property, his spontaneous communication to Texgroup be understood as a total and irrevocable renunciation of moral and patrimonial rights and privileges such regulations granted it, and transfer to client and user.
In any case, whether the information provided is protected or not, it will become and remain the property of Texgroup, which means that his company will not treat this information as confidential; the sending user of the information can not complain judicially or extrajudicially by the use of the information; and that user  is not entitled to any payment because of the information provided.

3.1 Texgroup  is not responsible for any damage or loss caused by any failure of performance, mistake, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation of transmission, computer virus or line failure. The company is not  responsible for any damage  or loss, including but not limited to special or consequential damages as a consequence of  the use or inability to use the materials in this site. Consequently, the company is not responsible for damages  by the use of  this site; the use or lack of access to a link; failures in the performance of the website; mistakes; omissions; interruptions; delay in operation or transmission; line failure, and others 

3.2 Texgroup carefully selects links with other web side of Internet, which is accessed through its web sites, but is not responsible for the content or technical aspects of them, principally if considering that content vary over time. In consequence, the access to other web sites will be not responsibility of the user. 

3.3 Texgroup does not guarantee that: